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Your Body Is Part Of Your Equipment!

Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, a first timer or an expert – you know the equipment you ski or snowboard on needs to be right!

If you are an advanced / expert skier or snowboarder I’m sure you spend hours tuning your edges, waxing your bases and checking that all parts of your bindings are in correct working order.

You can spend hours on end getting your boots (whether ski boots or snowboard boots) fitted correctly as you know it’s one of the most important pieces on your equipment list.

You research the latest brands of clothing including base layers, socks and outerwear… what will keep you the most warm, the most dry and the most comfy out there.

You don’t stop there – as you know you also need the best working goggles, the best fitting helmet and the warmest / comfiest gloves for you.


If you are a first timer / still learning skier or snowboarder you take advice from the experts in the industry regarding which equipment you should use.

You go to the effort of researching the products if you will be buying your own equipment or you trust your assigned person where you hire your gear to make your snow experience the best it can be.

Whether you do the research yourself or you trust in the industry experts, you spend the time and money to get the equipment right for your snow trip every time – be it your first or a way of life.



So why do you neglect to give the same time, attention and detail to your body – the main and number one part of your necessary equipment list?

This is often the most overlooked equipment item and I am here to tell you I believe it should be the first and most important piece of equipment you get right and ready!


Strength and fitness training can often be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to get strong and fit for something specific like your time on snow.

Remember that getting started on any type of training program that will increase your strength and fitness is better than nothing.

In general a lot of time can be wasted sitting around inactive whilst we contemplate what may be the best training system for us.

It’s simple … Get up and get moving!

Increasing our range of movement in our body will only ever have benefits associated with it!

Increasing range of movement in our body will help our muscles and joints move and glide better, therefor allowing us more natural and pain free movement patterns.

This increased range of movement will also help us to minimise and avoid injuries.


Snow Fitness training helps guide you through range of movement training for your body in the safest possible way, ensuring you achieve the right results for you.

Snow Fitness’ base programs and sessions are done entirely using your own body as your equipment.

Our Snow Fitness sessions can be done at your own pace and you are encouraged to pick and choose what works best for you and your body.

Bodyweight training is achievable for everyone and can be done anywhere, anytime!


If you want to have a great time on snow and have all of your equipment in the best working order, then what are you waiting for?

Start your Snow Fitness training with us today.

You will never regret having your body as strong and fit as possible to be on snow …

Bring it on!!!