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Programs & Sessions In Detail

Before starting your Snow Fitness journey it is really important you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.
We want you to love our snowboard and ski exercises and the results they bring you.
Please read the information below so you can make the most of your Snow Fitness experience.

What to Expect?

Snow Fitness is for anyone and everyone, designed for your convenience to do anytime, anywhere.

We strongly encourage you to see your Doctor before commencing any of our programs, as we want you to get the most out of them.

We encourage you and recommend that you always work at your own pace.

All our programs and sessions require body weight, meaning no extra equipment is necessary.

At times we will suggest you use a rock, chair, bench, step, tree, post or a set of stairs to assist in that particular exercise if you have access to it.

Be sure to use anything that works for you and your surroundings, just make sure what you use is sturdy, strong and safe.

The winning Snow Fitness formula for each session is

  • 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of active recovery
  • A Snow Fitness Session looks like this…

5 x Exercises including warm up, body movements and range of motion

7 x Exercises we use for the main workout which are automatically repeated 3 times

5 x Exercises including a little extra, warm down and stretches

With our single sided exercises be sure to alternate sides where possible or swap at half way (around 20 seconds)

All you need to do is press the “Start Circuit” button for our 31 minute session … Bring it on!

Session Suggestions

We suggest you complete your Snow Fitness session as we have designed with the main workout exercise section being automatically repeated 3 times. This gives you 31 minutes in total!

If you are short on time you can complete the main exercises twice making it a 24 minute workout in total or make it a short 17 minutes by completing it just once if you are time poor.

Always remember with exercise, anything is better than nothing.

Alternatively if you have a little more time and energy to burn, up the anti by adding 1 more round of the main exercises to make it a 38 minute workout or go your hardest with 5 rounds to make it 45 minutes!

With your Snow Fitness membership you have so many different sessions included.

We encourage you to use the stretching sessions whenever and wherever you can. We all need to take more time to stretch and be kind to our body!

How to Complete your Session?

Each session is able to be viewed and completed in 2 modes. Manually viewing and moving through your exercises or automatically via the Circuit Player.

Each exercise in the session has its own circuit timer, which you can press go on and complete that exercise individually.

The other option is to use the fully automated Circuit Player for each session.

We suggest you open your session, scroll through the exercises, become familiar, get setup and press the “Start Circuit” button and be lead through the daily workout start to finish. Our visual and audio cues will let you know what you should be doing, and when. Need a toilet break, or want to redo a particular exercise, the Circuit Player has controls for pause, play, skip next, skip previous, sound on, sound off and repeat main workout button for those who need to add or subtract to our 31 minute session.

Complete the particular exercise safely and effectively as many times as you can within the 45 seconds. Remembering its ok to have some pauses even throughout the 45 seconds if and when needed.

The idea is for you to make the work suit your fitness levels, push yourself and get the results you want to feel amazing on snow!

General Tips & Suggestions

We encourage you to find your happy place to do your workout, however it’s great to mix it up and have a variety of places.

So put on your comfortable workout gear and your supportive sneakers. Turn on and turn up your favourite music.

Grab your laptop, your mobile phone or your printed out session.

Fill up your water bottle and grab a towel as you will sweat.

Be sure to set yourself a goal for the session and then hit it with your confident attitude that says Bring It On!

I know that it’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself to do a workout. Before each session I do, I think about what type of terrain I’de like to take on and think about my next snow trip, including how deep the powder is going to be. This always inspires me and gives me the boost I need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Snow Fitness Question? Hopefully we have already answered it below.

General Snow Fitness

What is Snow Fitness?

Snow Fitness is a fully interactive membership based website designed to get you Snow Fit. Here you will unlock the secrets to skiing and snow boarding longer, harder and recover quicker.

Do I need a gym membership?

No. The beauty of Snow Fitness is that it can be done anytime, anywhere and we encourage you to do so! By all means, if you have a gym membership, enjoy doing Snow Fitness sessions in the gym.

What are the start and end dates for the programs?

There are no set start or end dates!

We have jam packed your Snow Fitness membership with many different sessions and programs.

Within your Snow Fitness membership we have designed 2 special programs which we feel are a must for skiers and boarders to complete at various times throughout the year, a 10 Day and a 30 Day.

Whenever you wish to complete a 10 Day or 30 Day program you can input your desired start date and we will will create a 10 or 30 day schedule starting on that date. You can do this as often as you would like!

A great way to look at the 10 Day program is like you are cram studying for an exam which you know you should have started studying for quite some time ago.

It will challenge you and build over the 10 days and is fabulous for that last minute snow holiday decision!

The 30 Day is a great lead in to a well in advanced planned snow holiday. The 30 day guides you through tougher and easier sessions giving you the right balance to sustain the 30 days, feel snow fit and ready to go!

What equipment is required?

Your body really is the only equipment you need! At times we encourage you to use a few natural surroundings including a rock, tree, step, park bench or set of stairs to vary and boost your workouts if and where possible.


Will My Access  expire?

Yes. Like all gym memberships and online services, you will buy membership access for a set period of time depending on the payment plan you choose. See below.

How does the Snow Fitness Membership (Yearly) work?

This is a recurring yearly membership. You pay for this membership annually. You will be notified via email with 2 weeks to go, 1 week to go, 3 days to go and 1 day to go before we automatically charge your paypal account for your next years premium Membership Access.
* Please note – you may cancel at any time through the My Account screen

How does the Snow Fitness Membership (Monthly) work?

This is a recurring monthly membership. There is no contract. You can start, pause, and cancel at anytime. This is a casual plan, and you can start your programs and sessions when you like. This is an ongoing membership and we will charge your credit card or paypal account each month for the following month’s subscription.
* Please note – you may pause and cancel at any time through the My Account screen

Programs & Sessions

What is Active Recovery?

Active Recovery is where you make sure to keep your body moving slightly, nothing ever stops completely still.

Snow Fitness Active recovery is 15 seconds between exercises.

What if I miss a daily session?

Snow Fitness does NOT need to be done daily.

If you are completing our 10 Day or 30 Day program within your membership, we have designed these to be continuous and in sequential days however we know from time to time you will miss a session as life just happens!

If you feel fantastic the following day, take on that missed session in the morning and that daily session later that day. You can also add an extra day or two to the time it takes you, just be sure to stay in the correct sequence of days as they build with intensity and work.

Why 45 seconds of work?

45 seconds of work is what we know will give you the Snow Fitness results and the right amount of work in all the right places!

What if my body gets really sore?

It is almost a certainty that you will feel muscle soreness. This is such a great feeling and will let you know the ski and snowboard exercises are working.

What if I hurt myself?

If you feel pain, stop immediately and seek medical attention from a professional health care provider.

What if I’m lacking motivation after a few days in?

This is where we encourage you to dig deep and think about the reason you started……that all important time on snow!

Can I print my sessions?

If you are someone who likes to print out your sessions, you are most welcome to do this, just don’t forget your own clock timer.

Printing out your sessions gives you no excuse to ever miss a session, and is really great for when you go camping!

Customer Service

How can I pay and are my financial details safe?

We use Paypal as our payment gateway provider. Paypal provide best of class security for your payment details. We do not store these on our website. Contact Paypal if you have any issues or concerns with your payment security.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Go to the login page and click on Forgot Password. Just enter the email address you used to register your account, and we will email you your password.

Shipping Information?

We use Australia Post to ship all physical products. Our shopping cart accurately calculates the cost of shipping at the point of checkout. You may be able to choose express or standard Australia Post shipping options.

If the product is in stock we will ship your product within 2 days of the order. Please allow 7 – 14 days for Australia Post to deliver your goods.

Please make sure you enter your shipping address accurately. Once the order has left via Australia Post, we will have to wait for the order to be returned to sender if you make a mistake on your shipping address. Once we receive the order back, we will send it again for an additional shipping fee.

If you have questions about shipping, or have had an issue with receiving your product please email and our customer service staff will contact you. Please include your order confirmation email content in the email so we can assist you quicker.