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Getting Snow Fit for Interschools

By August 5, 2016September 22nd, 2016No Comments

Image from NSW Interschools website.

Australian Olympic moguls skier, Manuela Berchtold, talks about her two passions – snow and fitness, and especially how our young interschools competitors can be ready for the upcoming State and National competitions.

I worry about some of our great young Interschools competitors. They’re pushing themselves to succeed at quite a high level of competition, often with little or no training specifically for skiing and snowboarding.

Image from NSW Interschools website.

I was 14 when I hurt my knee for the first time. I never thought I would suffer an injury like that because I was really strong. After competing as an Olympian and running High Country Fitness in Jindabyne (with 22 years experience as a fitness professional), I now know it’s not only about strength – it’s about putting your body in the right positions so you can avoid injury.

I designed my new online Snow Fitness program to help you to ski or snowboard harder and faster, help you recover quicker and therefore minimise injuries. Our ski and snowboard exercises are delivered to you wherever you are via your computer or Smartphone.

For young skiers and boarders, Snow Fitness is perfect because it’s exercises use body weight only. You don’t want kids lifting weights until their growth plates are in the correct positions, and that doesn’t happen until they are between 13 and 16 years of age. Many gyms won’t allow young people to use their facilities for very good reasons. But with our snowboard and ski exercise programs , there’s no need for a gym because there’s no need for weights, so it can be done anywhere, anytime and by anybody.

Snowfitness Best Of Photos Web Res (33 of 38)What worries me most as a skier and fitness professional is the number of our Interschools kids who arrive in the snow totally unprepared. They land in the mountains only a day or two before competition begins, often with no regular fitness training let alone any ski or snowboard specific training.

Compare them to our young football or rugby players, who train once or twice a week all year round in some cases, and play games every weekend. That’s regular training that’s specific to their sport. With our Snow Fitness Membership, I know our young skiers and snowboarders will feel the difference when they hit the race course come State or National championships.

One of my favourite sayings is “failing to prepare is preparing to fail“. That can be the way we eat, the way we look after our bodies, the way we train. Snow Fitness is about preparing every skier and snowboarder to succeed through tailored snowboard and ski exercise programs, not only this ski season but for many seasons to come.

Skier and Snowboarder Images from NSW Interschools website.