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Snow Season 2018 is well and truly upon us!

We are 2 weeks in and what an exciting start, this is.


On your first day back on snow each season, as you are getting dressed and putting your snow gear on for the day ahead, do your thoughts include:

“I wish I had done some training”

“I wish I were prepared”

“I wish I were stronger”

“I wish I were Snow Fit”


And if those thoughts don’t creep in, as you’re getting ready for your first day, I bet at the end of your first day or on the 2nd morning your thoughts may include:

“I’m so stiff and sore”

“How am I going to do this again?”

“I should’ve done some training”

“I should’ve prepared for the snow”

“I’ve left it too late for this season” etc. …


And with all these thoughts and questions running through your head, the correct answer is:

It’s never too late to start your Snow Fitness training!

Whether your snow trip this season is next weekend or some time away, avoid any of these and more questions by kicking off your Snow Fitness training today!


One of my absolute favourite quotes is “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and I believe this to be true in all areas of life, especially when it comes to my own preparation for the snow season.


Snow Fitness is an online training platform that allows you to complete your training sessions anywhere, anytime.

Along with being super convenient, the sessions are perfect for the time-poor amongst us, as a session will take you only 31 minutes in total.

There is so much variety within the different sessions available including training your upper body, lower body, total body, core and flexibility just to name a few.


If you are already in the mountains for the winter season working at a snow resort, training as an athlete or just lucky enough to be enjoying the winter skiing and / or snowboarding, Snow Fitness will keep you fit, strong and on your game all season long!

Be sure to continue your maintenance training including your ski and snowboard specific exercises off snow to keep enjoying the benefits and perform better on snow!

Remember that being Snow Fit will keep you safer on snow and help you avoid those silly injuries big or small.

A day on snow is like an amazing adventure in which your skis and / or snowboard take you on … the more Snow Fit you are, the better the adventure is!!!

Please don’t forget the Free trial so you can give it a go … Bring it on!!!