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Manuela’s Exercise Spotlight – The Snow Fitness Tuck

Snow Fitness is hot off the back of our first ever #tuckchallenge and some of you may have seen the challenge floating around Facebook and Instagram over the past 10 days.

What is the Snow Fitness Tuck? I hear you ask.

The Snow Fitness Tuck is a variation of a standard squat, however we make it as realistic for skiing and snowboarding as possible.

Tips to achieve your perfect Snow Fitness Tuck are:

  • Stand feet hip width apart with knees soft
  • With your core switched on and chest up, sink your butt back into a squat position
  • Bring your chest forward with your arms in front
  • Hold this position and feel the burn!

This is a position that skiers and snowboarders find themselves in often on snow. It doesn’t even matter what level of skier or snowboarder you are!

skiing exercisesYou will find yourself in the Snow Fitness Tuck position on snow when you are trying to gain speed anywhere, whilst traversing, whilst doing up and un-doing your ski or snowboard boots, when you land a jump, or when you hit that unexpected dip in the snow for example.

The Snow Fitness Tuck, like all of our skiing and snowboarding exercises, can be done anywhere, anytime using just your body as your equipment.

It challenges and strengthens all the right areas of the body you need when you ski and board including the legs, both upper and lower, the butt, the entire core and even your upper body as it assists with the tuck.

The Snow Fitness Tuck is a great exercise to do with a group of friends, throw in as an extra exercise to existing programs and sessions and to challenge your friends to see how long they can hold their tuck!

Enjoy throwing the Snow Fitness Tuck into your fitness routine and feel the benefits on snow next time you are skiing or snowboarding!

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