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Six must have items to enhance your day’s skiing the Snow Fitness way

By May 25, 2016July 12th, 2016No Comments

Consider this a morning check list.


There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on the slopes. Ensure these items are on your body and you won’t have to go back to the lodge early to ‘sort yourself out.’


Water Bottle


If you ski with a backpack then consider a camel pack with a 2 or 3 litre bladder to keep yourself and your muscles hydrated.


No backpack? No worries. Purchase yourself a bladder style water bottle (flexible bladder with a screw top cap) and slip it into the inside chest pocket of your jacket. So much easier than trying to carry a rigid bottle with nowhere to put it.




sunscreenSeems like a no brainer, right? But you can never have enough factor 30 plus plus plus. Some companies offer SPF sunscreen sticks on a caribener so you can clip it to your jacket which means no searching a thousand pockets before finding it when you need it.



Home made protein snacks


You can’t guarantee the ingredients of store bought protein bars, but you can guarantee them when you make them ahead of time. Try these 9 Protein Bar recipes from The Daily Burn. Or fill your pockets with raw nuts, almonds, brazil nuts, cashews are all excellent sources of protein to keep your blood sugar even and your muscles fuelled.Chubby-Hubby-Protein-Bars


Compression tights


Compression base layers can help deliver more oxygen to your muscles by compacting the flesh on your limbs. They’ll also speed up the removal of those lactic acids from over exertion.

compression tights

Portable phone charger


The cold can zap the battery life out of your phone and when you’re on one side of the mountain and your friends on the other this can cause some serious social stress. Charge up your phone and charge up your portable phone charger and you should be good to go all day. No stress.


Sony, Belkin and Mophie all make smart phone and android compatible chargers.

belkin charger



Ski Patrol Phone Numbers


God forbid you need them but it’s better to have them than not. Before you load the chairlift ensure you have the direct line for the ski patrol on the mountain you are skiing or boarding on. Put it in your phone and save it.


Ski Patrol



What do you never leave the lodge without to make your ski day better?