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Explore our skiing and snowboarding exercise programs

Scroll through to see what makes Snow Fitness a truly unique product. From the meticulous attention to detail applied to documenting each snowboard and skiing exercise to the super-handy Snow Fitness tips and friendly reminders, your exercise experience will be smooth, insightful, and best of all, work and deliver results, anytime, anywhere. Explore our Snow Fitness Membership today!

Over 600 snowboarding and skiing exercises programmed to perfection

We have meticulously documented and programmed over 600 exercises into snow-specific exercise sessions, which deliver proven results.

Half an hour a day is all you’ll need

Snow Fitness sessions are between 31 and 45 minutes in length – it all depends how much time you have, and how you are feeling with your personal strength and fitness.

We can schedule your sessions for you

Select the program you wish to do, input your start date, and we can create an exercise schedule advising you which days to do which sessions. You may even download the schedule to your calendar.

Take it further

Go to the next level with our specially designed exercise-equipment-specific “Snow Fitness How-To Programs“, which are free with every purchase of a Snow Fitness exercise product.