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Snow Fitness Success Story

For some people it may just take one thing to motivate them into doing regular exercise, and for Rob Dickson from Jindabyne, that one thing was convenience.

Rob is the first customer to take on Snow Fitness – a do anywhere, anytime skiing and snowboarding exercise program that’s based online and developed by Winter Olympian, Manuela Berchtold.

With a travelling lifestyle, Rob said it’s hard to get to the gym. He’s a businessman who’s always in lots of meetings, as a property consultant based in Jindabyne, spending at least two days a week in Sydney.

On the morning we met with Rob by the lake in Jindabyne, he told us that he’d “already smashed out the 31 minute Snow Fitness program because the house was cold so I thought I’d get moving”.

Features of the program that he loves, apart from the convenience, are the ability to mix up the exercises depending on what he feels like doing – is it an arms day or a legs day? Rob says that once you understand the exercises you can also then add equipment, such as his new Bosu ball which clearly he’s a fan of. Just press the Start Circuit button and off you go!

Just this week he’d already spent one night in Wagga, one in Griffith, two in Sydney and was back in Jindabyne. He’d done his workouts in his home office (favourite location to work out), hotels and his workplace in Sydney. He smiled as he told as that he can even do parts of the workout in his suit.

“In our workplace we are encouraged to get up and move around. Sitting is the new smoking so we are about to get stand up option desks too but I can do squats at work whenever I want’”. Squats are his favourite exercise in Manuela’s program (because it’s like skiing) and the Get Up’s are his most disliked, although he still completes them of course and he’s reaping the benefits of his commitment to the program.

As the parent of four kids, three who compete in snow sports Rob was aware of the benefits of encouraging a healthy lifestyle that starts at home. Whilst his days of keeping up with the kids on snow are long gone, he said that having a level of fitness is important as he wants to support his kids at events and when they travel overseas.

Originally from Sydney, Rob and his family relocated to Jindabyne in 2008 after their holiday home clearly became their location of choice. He is now a Director at Snowy Mountains Grammar School and the Chair of the Snowsports Committee.